Valentine FOs

I’ve been busy making heart washcloths and jewelry sets for my DD and nieces …

for my 18 yo daughter:

for my 10 yo niece:

for one 3yo niece:

and the other 3 yo niece:

After making quite a few of these wash/dish cloths, I’ve decided I like the ones where you only work the pattern on the back (knit the front). It shows up much better and goes faster too.

Now I can get back to my DD’s Ring Dance Wrap and the baby blanket I need to get done!

How sweet. I loved getting Valentine gifts from my mom and auntie.

What a sweet idea!

oh those are adorable! I know a 3 y/o that would love that jewelry! Nice job!

They are wonderful. I especially like the pink one :slight_smile:

:yay: what a great idea…they look wonderful…

How very thoughtful of you I bet there were lots of big smiles this morning xx

Thanks everyone! My daughter loved her cloths and necklaces (she already had earrings and needed matching necklaces). My nieces will get their surprises in the mail. Two of them live in AZ (I’m in VA). None of them are expecting anything so I’m anxiously awaiting their reactions! :smiley:

Wanda, those are so adorable! I’m getting into making jewlery, and can’t wait until the little one is old enough to apprciate them as something to wear, not to eat!

So sweet!! And my 3 yo DD would love the butterfly necklace. Your niece will too I’m sure!!

How beautiful! What a thoughtful gal you are! :muah:

Oh how pretty! Lucky girls!

All the sets look great!