Vacuum cleaners

When I bought my house 20 some years ago I bought a small Shop Vac.
I had a junky canister hand-me-down from my parents for college. In addition to that canister since then I’ve been through probably around 6 uprights, not a single one of them worked for crap. They do not see much use here and they still can’t last.
The original Shop Vac still continues on (albeit with a 5g bucket to replace the rusted out canister). Beside general cleaning (because it needs to be run before the uprights to clean up the dirt for them so they can come along and beat the carpet and spread more dust) it’s been used to spot shampoo carpet spills and pet mishaps, empty fish tanks, start the siphon to empty waterbeds, plumbing, construction clean up and shop clean up.

So I get the idea, "Screw the upgright crap. Get a full size Shop Vac. At least they last."
I needed a bigger hose and more power for the lathe anyway (never put a machinist lathe over top of carpet).
Holy crap! This thing is pulling so much dirt out of the carpet it isn’t funny.
I’d probably gone over a section I’m cleaning 2-3 times with the original Shop Vac and once with the dying upright. It looked clean but after a pass with the 5hp Shop Vac it obviously wasn’t.

Why don’t they make an upright with some suction? (For that matter, making them so all the dirt goes through the fan is why don’t don’t live long.)
Is it just me?
For reference an Oreck is 4amps, my small Shop Vac was 7.1amps, my big 5hp Shop Vac is 11.something amps.

I’m about to go ToolMan on the upright to make the beater head into a Shop Vac attachment.
Seriously, I’ve given this some thought. All it would require is a fitting to put the Shop Vac hose into the tube the bag goes over.

I’m about to go ToolMan on the upright to make the beater head into a Shop Vac attachment.

Love that! :roflhard: I think it’s amusing that a guy gets a shop vac for the house anyway. Not a bad idea since apparently they work better, but funny and ‘stereotypical’ anyway. :thumbsup:

As to the answer… no idea. I know mine doesn’t really do the job. My biggest issue is the weight of the vacuum. Mine is light which is one reason I bought it. I have a housekeeper now a couple times a month and she has an Oreck, but I doubt it’s doing much good. I should bring in the shop vac to see how it works… :think:

We had an old vacuum cleaner (a pull along sort of one, I think a Ferguson) that lasted 15 years, it had bits welded together where the plastic broke and my dad replaced parts of the casing with copper. The motor eventually exploded in a puff of blue smoke. We replaced it with a series of more recent models and all lasted 2-3 years. Then we got a dyson on sale (otherwise it would’ve been too expensive) and we’ve had that a good long while. We usually get pull along ones as we need to do a LOT of stairs in our house so they need to be portable.

I love our Dyson. I know everyone says they love the Dyson, but it’s honestly the best vacuum I have ever used. You can vacuum with a regular vacuum and then the Dyson and you will still pick up dirt. The house can even look clean and I’ll vacuum and still pick up a full canister of dirt. The Dyson is also the only vacuum that I’ve found that doesn’t lose suction- honestly!

I have a Eureka SmartVac with a Hepa filtration system (my dh has allergies). I did a lot of research before I bought it and for the price, it was one of the best performers. I looked at the Dyson, but it’s way too expensive for my budget. I think I paid about $148 for my Eureka and it was on sale.

Ugh…vacuum cleaners…lol…I wish I had the money to spend on a really good one but I don’t so it’s been crappy 'ol $40 Bissell uprights for years (though I’ve probably paid the price of a decent vacuum with all the crappy ones I’ve gone through…lol)…So far, the best solution for me has been to rip up my carpeting :teehee:

CentralVac is another of the big money ones that actually have suction. And not only that but since you’re sending the dirt elsewhere there’s no issue of blowing out as much as you suck up.

Demonica and cdjack’s prices are more in my league.

Ripping up the carpet is a definite future project. Problem is that I’m on a slab, wood isn’t a good option, not thrilled with the fake wood and don’t think it would hold up. Tile which is what I’ll probably go with will probably require a lifestyle change, no more bringing heavy things through the house without a dolly.

I spent $158.00 for a Hoover Wind Tunnel, with a self powered drive, and I have to say, it’s a good vacuum. The attachment hose has a lot of power, and all of them actually fit on the vacuum, so I don’t lose them. Bought it at Costco . . . so if I didn’t like it we could take it back.

We have a shop vac, and it’s worthless,probably because the motor is underpowered.

We have laminate and while it doesn’t look [I]exactly[/I] the same as wood it looks nice and doesn’t look like linoleum and it’s holding up beautifully. :thumbsup:

ETA: We are on a slab, too.

We are on a slab, which has been elevated 42", and we have ceramic tile throughout the house (due to 4 floods in 16 years). The tile in our bedrooms is ceramic tile that looks like wood floors. Very low-maintenance! Just sweep/vacuum, and mop.

My son put down some Pergo like laminate, on a slab, everywhere in their house but the bedrooms. They really like it, except for the little clickity click of dog toes.

Yesterday my dh and I went to Lowe’s and I thought of you Mike. They had an upright shop vac! We couldn’t find how many horse power or what ever you call it, the box was turned around and had things on top of it.
So one more thing to look at. Me I have the hoover and it still works after six years.

The upright Shop Vac isn’t rated in horsepower, it’s in amps, 3amps. It’s probably pretty weak. But I was thinking with the design and price it would be pretty easy to convert it to be the beater head.

I also pulled up all the carpet in my house and replaced with ceramic tile, which I love! With 2 big dogs who come and go all day through a doggie door, I have plenty of dirt to vacuum EVERY day. I used my shop vac, also, when my crappy old vacuum conked out one day and was amazed at how much better it worked! Especially when getting those dust bunnies/cobwebs out of the popcorn on the ceiling. I HATE popcorn ceilings! That’s a future project…getting rid of all that mess. The only thing bad about the tile floors is how hard it is on bare feet. I have to wear some kind of shoes inside most of the time or my feet will ache. After walking on soft carpet, the tiles can do a number on bare feet. But, at least when it gets dirty, you can vacuum and mop and it’s actually clean.

I love Dyson. Regular vacuuming picks up dirt. I am usually get pull along ones as we need to do a LOT of stairs in our house so they need to be portable.

We too switched to tile floors as it was almost impossible to keep our carpets dust and hair free with a long-haired cat and a dog (who sheds almost regularly). Since I am the one who cleans the floors and carpets in this house, when the time came to re-modelling I insisted on ceramic tile, and yes, it could be cool for bare feet, but it’s much easier to clean. Planning to switch to Roomba in the nearest future, but as for now - our Miele serves us well.

Also, about roombas - just wanted to know what others are using?
We still have some rugs, so will it be a problem for a robovac?