Vacation yarn and patterns!

Vacations and knitting!!! This is my first vacation season as a knitter. My sister is visiting from Texas and we spend three days at the beach in Naples, FL. We went to yarn stores in Naples and stopped in Ft. Myers on the way home. I got … Sock yarn, famous clog pattern, duck, chick, flamingo pattern, children’s polo shirt - knit in one piece and stitch up the side seams!

The umbrellas are towel hooks for my beach bathroom :slight_smile:

I have grounded myself from yarn for a while!!!

I hope you mean to say famous “clog” pattern!!! :roflhard:

I was laughing at the clot too…very funny!! :roflhard: :roflhard:


And, check out the glorious knitting Debbie did on vacation HERE at the KAL forum… the July challenge is a BEACH THEME!

I’ve always been afraid to bring my knitting to any kind of sandy beach. Well, because if the sand. Did you find that this was a problem at all?

I just stuck some cotton yarn and a pair of needles in my beach bag and did not really do much actual knitting “on the beach”. But, it sounds good and made a great picture!!! I worked a bit on a flower. I don’t think I would take a “real project” and definately not something wool because of the sand and wet swimsuit. I made the FLorida dishcloth in the evening at the hotel.

Aha! Does make a great picture, though. :wink: