Vacation in Maine/fiber festivals?

Hi Everyone!
My dh and I will be going to Maine during the summer sometime. Probably the last week of July/first week of August.
Do any of you know of any fiber/knitting/sheep festivals that would be going on? I would prefer close to the coast.
Also we camp, but I’m getting too old to be sleeping on the ground ( turning 50 in 9 days) so I told dh that part of our vacation this summer is going to be spent in a hotel/motel!
Does anyone have a favorite place to stay on the coast?
Thanks a bunch!


Bar Harbor’s nice… do a google or call the Portland Expo building for their schedule…

we’ll be going to maine sometime in July to visit my Grandma… she’s almost 90 and not doing well…

ohh, I’m sorry about your Grandma, I hope she gets better!

Thanks for the suggestion of Bar Harbor. We were thinking of Booth Bay also, but the rooms are so expensive, because it is the height of the season!

I’m hoping someone who lives up there on the coast might know of some small “out of the way” place.

Thanks again and saying a prayer for your Grandma,


any town a bit inland will be more cost effective. I live between Camden and Belfast, and have found Northport and Belfast to have better prices than camden/rockport for food and lodging

on your drive north U can stop at Freeport

in Bath U can See the Huge yarn shop “Halcyon”

In Camden is Unique 1, and Beth has 2 knitting nights, wednesday and thursday, both start around 6pm

Helen in Belfast is at LEAST as nice as the other ladies in Camden, (both these stores are my Fav)


In none of these shops, have I ever been treated rudely, but Halcyon is such a big store I find I do not get anything like individual attention

Thank you so much! I will look these up on my map. I have been to Freeport and Bath before, but it has been Years!
I’ll take a look at Northport and Belfast!
Thanks again!

Oooo, thanks for this info too! I am headed to Maine (Kittery) for some outlet shopping in early May (as well as North Conway, NH). We plan on driving up the coast to Freeport. I’ll have to check out your suggestions!

I visited last year and my big regret was not having enough time to visit any of the many alpaca farms. There are quite a few and I did manage to drive by one on the way back to Portland and wave to the adorable alpacas in the yard.

thanks Jen but it’s not likely… she’s been going downhill for years and since my grandpa passed 14 years ago her healths’ been getting worse a lot faster than anyone expected and she’s given up…

one place to also check out: Deserta, Maine… and the Clambake in Old Orchard Beach :slight_smile:

To Lil H.'s Mom:
I will check out Destera ME, but I won’t be able to go to Old Orchard Beach…see I went to Rumford ME with my ex husband on our honeymoon and we made a side trip to Old. O. Beach.

My now and forever hubby of 25 yrs isn’t crazy about the place:roflhard: I don’t think I can get him to go there!