Vacation experience

Hi Everyone-

I posted last week about starting my first sweater, and going on vacation. Had to tell you all what happened! I looked up the LYS in the town I was going to be vacationing in, just in case I ran into a problem while I was away. Of course, I did- and on sunday, when the store was closed!! I was frustrated, but made do for the evening and knitted a dishcloth instead. On Monday morning, I excitedly found my way to the yarn store. When I walked in, I asked the woman there if she could help me out with my question. She was so rude!!! It all ended up okay, but I was so disappointed with the experience. She practically yelled at me, and was very brusque. She told me that she charged for the “service I was requesting”, which I understand- she has a business in a vacation town, and probably spends a good part of her time helping desperate vacationing knitters like me, but the manner in which she went about it was disheartening. By the time I left, she was nicer, but I still had a bad feeling about it. And my snag was the most simple problem ever!! I’m just not an experienced enough knitter to be able to spot the simple things yet. arghhhhhhhhh!!!
Well, I got past my snag, and am on my way with the sweater. Any other problems I come to now, I’m posting here!!!


Yes, our services are free and good-natured! :smiley:

Oh, I hate that for you. So far all my experiences on vacation have been great! Try again on your next vacation.

You didn’t happen to be in Coeur D’ Alene, ID were you?

I’m so sorry you went through that. I had the unfortunate occasion to go to one of the Maryland yarn shops. Yuk - boy oh boy, were they STUCK UP!!! Their collective noses were so far in the sky that I’m surprised they didn’t pass out from all the thin air up there!!

I waited quite sometime before venturing to another Maryland LYS. The second on wasn’t soooo bad, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. In hindsight, I probably wasn’t impressed because of latent bitterness from my first experience. :??

But all’s well now b/c KH TOTALLY EF’ING RAWKS!!! :cheering: :cheering: As Ingrid so wonderfully put it …

Preach it, sista!!! :mrgreen:

I’m so sorry! I can’t imagine what shop owners are thinking to be so rude! I would NEVER buy anything from someone who treated me so nastily and EVERYONE would hear about their poor service. Unbelievable. :rollseyes:

No, I wasn’t in Idaho- I was in Ocean City, NJ. I thought about it afterwards, trying to see if I had been overly critical, and decided NO WAY! Especially after I went to my LYS when I got back- they are so warm and supportive, and welcome any questions. I love them!!

Hi margie,

I vacation in Ocean City, NJ too. Were you in the shop on Asbury? I think it’s called the Knitting Niche?

I was there at the end of August, and the lady there was great. She wasn’t the owner though, just the morning clerk. I didn’t have any questions, just browsing through patterns, but my SO had come in with me. He commented on a photgraph up on the wall showing a couple in Civil War attire and the shop lady asked him if he does re-enacting. She called the husband half of the couple who owns the store, and he and SO spent about an HOUR telling each other re-enacting stories. I found two patterns I bought, partly because we’d taken up so much time, and finally had to drag SO out of the yarn shop since our parking meter was about to expire!

I think he likes yarn shopping as much as I do now! :happydance:

Iguess it all comes down to the particular person you’re dealing with. I hope if you go back there you have a better time.

I hardly ever buy any yarn when I’m out of town because if I needed another ball I couldn’t get it, but I’ll buy stuff by mail and the same would be true. - Strange huh?

Happy Knitting


Yup, Mary, you have the right store. It was the owner that I dealt with. I’m sure that it all depends on the person you deal with and their mood at the time- also, she made me feel dumb for being stuck in a “simple” part of the pattern. :frowning: Maybe she was just having a bad morning.

I’d go back there again- not much is going to keep me out of a yarn store!! I’d just think twice about asking for help there.

Sorry you didn’t have a very good experience at the vacation ys. I just went to the lys (about 1/2 hr fromy my house). Walked out with yarn for two projects, along with 5 garden grown tomatoes and a cuke! You need to come to ME!

Brainstorm occured to me as I left from seeingmy daughter at college today (she had a game), get the telephone book to check out yarn shops for when I’m visiting in the future… alas, not a one in the area!!! UGH!! There’s something special about visiting a yarn shop in another area… of course, assuming the experience is good.

I’ve only been to 1 yarn store while on vacation, in Galena Ill. The lady there was super nice, and she just truly enjoyed knitting and helping people knit more. I got a kick out of her. Worked in her favor too, my mom and I both bought expensive yarns (mine was 3 small hanks of alpaca silk). I can’t remember the name of the store, but it’s the only one there.