V Neckdown Cardigan

Hi all,
Having made it through a particularly tough tax season, during which my oldest daughter underwent gallbladder removal surgery and my middle daughter had her first baby (within one week of each other) I am seeing the other side of craziness and have gotten to the part of my second version of the V Neckdown cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple. It’s a fun design using short rows to shape the back of the neck and super detailed instructions, which I really appreciate. The yarn is Wildflower Patch by Bad Sheep in Alaska, which I am absolutely loving. Knitted on circulars but basically knitting flat, it has allowed me to tackle cardigans without doing a lot of seaming.IMG_1404

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That’s going to be gorgeous. The Wildflower Yarn is so aptly named, a lovely spring field of colors. Thanks for the recommendation of the pattern and have fun!

Thank you for the encouragement, and Sophie (in the background) thanks you, too!


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Regards to lovely Sophie but stay safe and out of the yarn please!