V neck

ok, so I’m working on a v-neck sleeveless sweater my DBF, and I can’t get the 1x1 rib binding for the neckline right. I created the pattern, so there is no printed pattern to go by. I can’t get the shaping of the V right…I’ve tried dec one stitch each side of the point every other row, but it doesn’t look right, I ripped it twice and am still not happy with the look. I k 2 st tog on one side and SSK on the other, but the ribbing doesn’t look right .Can anyone help?

Someone may have a better answer but if you look up a pattern where just the neck is how you want, maybe you can see how they do it and adapt to your project.


If by ribbing you mean the edge, try decreasing on the inside of the edge–that is, work the ribbing the same all the way up and decrease between the ribbing and the body of the sweater.