V neck

Help ! I am just doing my first V neck. I have picked up all required stitches for the neck. Whwn it comes to the V neck, pattern says K2tog purl stitch that has been left on needle and then Purl 2 tog. tbs. Continue for 6 rows. Does this mean I must purl that middle stitch on all the 6 rows now ? many thank you’s.

What is the name of your pattern?
At the point of the V, patterns often direct you to work a decrease every row or every other row. This is so that the point of the V doesn’t buckle out.
Can you quote the row exactly for us?

Hi again - pattern is 3018. Its for the V neck jumper.

Thank yu


Maybe this one.
It looks like the pattern tries to keep a knit stitch centered at the point of the V. That’s often worked by a centered double decrease.

Is the pattern having you work the decrease as a k2tog on the front or right side rows and a p2tog through the back loop on the wrong side? If you can quote the directions exactly that would help.

If you want to try a centered double decrease (cdd) here’s a video. It does give you a very pretty decrease.


Thats the one…the pattern says p2tog, p middle st and then p2 tog tbs…so I assume its like

this for every row…its not very clear :frowning:

The pattern doesnt say knit that middle st…so I assume its a purl. I have 3 rows left to finish

then I will look at it and see…double sigh !!! Worst is I will have to unpick and knit that middle

st :frowning:

I thought V necks would be easier than a round neck…

Thanx for yr help


oh and thanx for that video…very nice finish…maybe next time :slight_smile: oooor if I have to redo !!


Well the best thing is to go ahead and work the V as given for the last 3 rows: p2tog, p1, p2tog through the back loop. See how it looks and then decide.

It may help to put in a lifeline through the live sts just in case you need to re-do the last few rows. Hope not.

Thanx for the help…I will report back tomorrow…



Pleased to report the V is a success :slight_smile: So I did 6 rows in double rib and at the V I did

P2 tog, p the middle st and then p2tog tbl…I think I will make another V neck as I am so pleased with it :slight_smile: and I KNOW it will go over the kids head !!!

Thanx again for the help



Wonderful news! Yes, nothing more irritating and off-putting than a too-tight neck. You’ve conquered that problem.