V-neck tank, picking up stitches & frogging after blocki

Figured I’d ask all my questions at once.

Ok, so I finished the front and back of a v-neck tank for my DD and am ready to block and sew seams to finish the neck edge and armholes. I used Bernat Miami ribbon yarn (Smiley’s online shop at 99 cents a skein so the tank is less then $10, yahoo!!). Miami is a cotton blend and really nice to work with. Pattern was on the yarn band and really simple. But, I’m getting sort of nervous about finishing the neck. The directions just say to pick up and knit x# of stitches, but there doesn’t seem to be any special instructions to get a nice even v. Anyone do somthing like this?

Also, I’ve watched the pick up stitch video umpteen times and read everything I can, but I get confused when it says, pick up and knit. Do I pick up and knit a stitch then pick up the next stitch and knit or pick them all up around the opening and then knit them? Ok gals and guys, that’s your dumb question of the day. It sounds so easy; perhaps I’m just taking the instructions too literally.

Also, I’ve knit this to exact guage for a L (38" bust), but I’m afraid it will be too big for my well-endowed albeit rest of her size 8 DD. If it’s too big, can I still frog the yarn after I’ve blocked the pieces or will the yarn lose something when the pieces are undone? (She’s kinda picky about how things fit and warned me not to make her anything, but I never listen.)

It’s times like these when I REALLY miss my mother, the knitting goddess.

I don’t know if I can answer all your questions, but I’ll put my piece in. When I pick up around a neck edge, I pick up on one round, start knitting on the next.

OK, why do you feel the need to block this? If it’s a cotton blend ribbon, you’re really not going to change the size by blocking (the way you can with wool). If you’re just blocking it on general principle, you might want to consider seaming it as is. Someone more experienced with blocking (I rarely block anything unless I need to change the size) may dispute this, and I’ll bow to their superior knowledge. :thinking:

OK, why do you feel the need to block this?

Everything I’ve read says to block before you seam regardless of the material. I suppose it’s to shape the pieces if they are distorted from the knitting process. As a sewer, you always press as you sew for a better appearance of the finished item. The Knitty article on blocking (directed from amy’s basic techniques) seems to say that all apparel should be blocked.

And I always do what I am told.

Apparently, I don’t! :wink: I guess the bottom line is if you think the pieces will look better after blocking, or not.

I have done the v in a tank with single or double crochet and it came out very even. I haven’t noticed things looking uneven though when I have picked up stitches.