V neck sweater


I am a fairly new knitter and coming to the end of a v neck tank top. I am a little uncertain as to how I do it.

I have picked up stitches on the right at the front after joining the front and back at that shoulder.

Do I knit that right side in with the back bit (currently on the stitch holder) and then do the front left v bit on it’s own, then sew it all together at the end?

I couldn’t fit all the stitches on one needle at once I don’t think.

It says -
With right side facing knit up 38 sts evenly along left side, K1 (centre stitch), kit up 39 sts evenly along right side of neck, then rib across sts from back stitch holder.

I think, on reflection, that I should have started on the other side and joined the whole lot up…

Any pointers would be good.


You want all these sts on the needle so that you can finish the band at the neck all at once. You can join the right shoulder and do this starting at the left shoulder (left when you are wearing the tank) and working down the front to the center and then up the right side and on across the back. (You can also join both shoulders and pick up the same way but join to work the neckband in the round.) I think it’s easiest to work this on a circular needle even if you work back and forth on the needle.