V Neck Query

I’m a first time poster and beginner knitter.
I’m attempting to make a V Neck Vest. My question relates to wrapping and turning.

The pattern says:
K41, turn
Cont on these 41 sts
Dec one st at neck edge in every foll alt row…

My question is:
Do I wrap and turn EVERY time I get to the centre stitch for the V Neck or just the first time?

This pattern does have a neckband where I have to "knit up 64 sts evenly along left side of neck…

Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.

Hi and welcome to KnittingHelp!
Does your pattern specifically require a wrap & turn on the row you quoted? It seems to me that all you need to do is k41, then turn as if you’re at the end of a row and continue with the next row. On the following row begin the decreases at the neck edge. It makes a nicer edge if you put the decreases (probably a k2tog) one or two sts in from the neck edge.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

Thank you for the reply.
The pattern (taken from a friends book), is is a Paton, 5 ply Slip on Vest out of book 1245 pgs 30-32.

And no, the pattern doesn’t specify that you wrap and turn merely "K41, turn"
I assumed this meant I needed to wrap and turn.

If I can just knit 41 and turn the piece over - that makes things a great deal easier. And thank you for the decrease suggestion. I’ll be sure to try that.

Yes, just turn and work the next row. Enjoy knitting the vest!

Thank you for the advice.
Greatly appreciated.