V-neck line

I am doing a pattern that is called the Urban Wrap from Lionbrand Patterns.
I have already done the back.
Finished left Front. (this whole pattern is done in half double crochet)
The left front says workat back until piece measures 16 ins, which I did ch 2 turn. Hdc in each st to last 6 sts. Ch 2 hdc. across.
Ch 2 turn. Hdc across, leave 6 sts unworked. Ch2 turn. Hdc across.
Ch2, turn. Hdc across, leave last 6 st unworked. Work even in hdc on remaining sts until piece measures 20 ins. fasten off.

I have done this whole piece and when u are leaving the unworked sts, it looks like steps. The piece is suppose to be where the this is the shaping of the neck as it says. When u look at picture doesn’t look like a v shaped picture.
Maybe someone can give me some idea why?


Hey Kathy, I checked the Lion Brand website and looked at both of the crochet patterns they have called Urban Wrap. The one you give the instructions for is the Easy Skill Level pattern which is pictured in sort of a grey color. Is that correct?

After reading the directions through, it seems that the ‘steps’ you are referring to that are formed by the unworked stitches form the shaping from the shoulders to where the two front halves come together at the breast. They will be sort of smoothed out when you crochet around the piece following the finishing instructions.

This looks like a very cozy wrap. I might have to whip me up one of them!

I hope my explanation helps to clarify the instructions.

Please holler if you need any more help!


Yes it does.