V-neck edge-how do I make the V smooth?

Okay, so I took apart thissweater b/c it was too short from the bust up. I’ve got it lengthened and put back together, but I need help with the V-neck trim. All the other sweaters of this pattern on Ravelry look like mine did the first time. Crappy at the V and somewhat too tight at the neck.

[B]Here are the instructions:[/B]
[FONT=Verdana]Sew right shoulder seam. (Oops. I already did BOTH shoulder seams with 3 needleBO.)
[FONT=Verdana]Beginning at left front shoulder, with [COLOR=Purple]smaller circular needle[/COLOR], black yarn, and RS facing, pick up and knit [COLOR=Purple]3 sts for every 4 rows[/COLOR] along the front neckline, [COLOR=Purple]1 held st from safety pin, 3 sts for every 4 rows[/COLOR] along other side of front neckline, and [COLOR=Purple]1 st for every cast off st along back neckline[/COLOR]. Do not join. K 1 row. Next row: K to 1 st before center front, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k to end. K 1 row. Cast off all sts.[/FONT]

[B]So here’s what I’m thinking: [/B]The whole top is knit on size 6, and the pattern says to use size 4 for the neck. That’s fine, since it will match the bottom and cuffs, but then to ALSO knit 3 sts for every 4 rows, I’m thinking is making it too tight, right? [B]Instead, knit pick up one stitch for each stitch? Would that work?:??[/B]

[B]Next,[/B] Since I already closed both shoulders, what do I do?:shrug:

[B]And what about the V?[/B] There’s one stitch on a holder, but that’s the spot where it looked really crappy the first time (or two:aww:)

[B]Any suggestions?[/B]

I think I’d stick with the 3 out of 4 stitches, since the length of the stitches is larger than the width. If you pick up one-to-one along the V edges, it will likely be too floppy. Maybe pick up the stitches with a size 5 needle?

The V can be tricky to get it to look nice. Maybe instead of the sl1, k2tog, psso, you can try a centered decrease where you sl 1, k1 (the center stitch). The you pass the slipped stitch over. Transfer the stitch to the left tip and pass the first stitch there over the center stitch as well. That might look a little neater and tighter.

Thanks, Ingrid. It’s the picked up stitches on the sweater that look bad on my first tries and the ones posted on ravelry. It pulls all funky at the V. Will this method help with that?

I took a closer look at the sweaters on ravelry. I wonder if picking up a stitch further in would be better. Or maybe work ribbing rather than the purls?

Do you mean pick up stitches further in on the whole neck or just at the bottom of the V?

I’m not sure what you mean by ribbing instead of purls. The neck edge is supposed to be garter stitch to match the cuffs and bottom edge.

Oh–I couldn’t tell if it was garter or reverse stockinette, and I didn’t even look at the other edgings. There’s no law about changing, though. :shrug:

I noticed that on the ravelry sweaters that the picking up all around the neck was noticeable–on the lighter colors, anyway. Picking up one row further in might make it neater, including at the V. Doing a different decreasing at the V should help, too.

I just frogged the whole neck again. :hair:

I didn’t wait for your reply and didn’t pick up stitches in a row further. Oh well. Good practice? You want me to pick up on the other side of those decrease stitches along the neck, right? I think you’re right. That will make the bottom of the V more similar, except [B]what do I do with the stitch on the holder?[/B] It will be a row up then…

I did the first row wrong anyway. I purled it, since it’s now in the round and I want to keep the pattern theme of garter stitch trim, but I tried to do the decreases on that row instead of the next, per the instructions. :wall: I’ll learn!

Let me clarify the decrease instructions to make sure I get it:
Sl 1 B[/B], k1 (the center stitch). Then pass the slipped stitch over. Transfer the stitch to the left tip. Pass the first stitch there over the center stitch as well. [B]I don’t knit that stich then, right? Just pass it over?

Thank you SO MUCH for your help with this sweater!

Yes, you’ve got it right. I hope it works out for you!:pray:

Whoohooo! I finished it! :woot: I picked up the neck stitches 1/2 stitch in, and while it took a couple of tries, I got the V looking GREAT! Thanks SO MUCH for your help! It’s drying now from blocking, but I’ll put up pics in the next day or two.

Thanks again for all your help! I couldn’t have done it this well without you!