V neck directions help!

I am knitting an Elann pattern for a v-neck top. The pattern can be found here: http://www.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=282024

There are 78 st on the needle. I am confused about this part:

Work as for Back until armhole measures 1½”, end wrong-side row; pm either side of center 2 sts.

Divide for Neck: (RS) Continue armhole shaping as for Back, work across to 6 sts before marker, k2tog, p2, k2; join a second ball of yarn and k2, p2, k2tog-tbl, work to end of row. Work 1 row even.
Dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 16 (16, 18) times as established - 18 (20, 20) sts rem each side for shoulders.
Work even until armhole measures 8 (8½ , 9)", end wrong-side row. Bind off all sts in pattern.

  1. If you put a marker on either side of the middle two stitches then you have two stitches that are just left on the needle without being worked per the directions. Should I PM at the center of the sts? Am I missing something?

  2. The picture shows an edging on the v-neck that I’m assuming is the p2k2. If you decrease one st on the neck edge then you lose the p2k2 edge. Should I decrease in k2tog, p2, k2 fashion every other row?


Also, how is the best way to join a new ball of yarn to existing work?


You join a new ball of yarn by knitting with it, leaving a tail to work in later.

As for the 2 center sts, that is weird that they don’t mention what to do with them, but given the picture and the directions, I’d say it’s a typo. Place your marker between them and include them in the edging for the neckline. The decs are not part of the k2, p2 edge; you do one before that on the first side (the right as you look at the work) and after the rib on the other side.

Dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 16 (16, 18) times as established - 18 (20, 20) sts rem each side for shoulders.

The ‘as established’ in this part indicates that the decreases will be the k2tog, p2,k2 on one side and the k2, p2, k2tog tbl on every other row.

Im not sure about the middle two stiches, it could well be a typo. I would either place the marker between the stitches or bind off those two stitches betwen the two sides. placing the marker between would be easier i suspect.

Have you searched the web or ravelry for errata? It may also be worthwhile emailing the publisher/designer for clarification if you want to be certain.

Oh right, dec at the neck edge doesn’t necessarily mean in the st right AT the neck edge. The pattern has you doing the decs 4 sts in from the very edge and that’s close enough. I’ve seen store bought tops with an edge like this on a V neck and it’s very nice.

Thanks! I think I will try it by placing the marker between the two middle st and going from there.

i got the tip off knit tips and tricks of placing a “lifeline” of waste yarn in your work in case you need to rip it out. I have a life line right before the neck division and if I need to rip it out again, I can.