V is for Vivi help

I’m making this little sweater called V is for Vivi for my daughter’s best friend. She has two boys and is having her first girl in April! So fun girly knitting! :yay:

Just for reference- I chose Plymouth Baby Alpaca Cherish in a soft pink and I’m using a US 6 since it’s DK weight. Pattern calls for worsted so I’m sizing up. This doesn’t affect my question though.

The pattern says to use a 16" and a 24" for the pattern and DPN for the sleeves. I decided to go with 2 circs with an equal number of stitches on each in the beginning.

Original instructions for this size - CO 54 pm and join.
Set up - [K19, pm, k1, pm, k6, pm, k1, pm] twice
Increase round- [M1L, k to marker, M1R, sm, k1, sm] four times 8sts increased

What I’ve got-
Cast on 54 so 27 on each needle set up as
3, pm, 1, pm, 19, pm, 1, pm, 3

Obviously there are 2 increases at each raglan line for the total of 8. WHERE am I increasing in relation to the markers? For some reason my set up has me all mixed up!


Yes, it’s a lot going on with markers and two different needles. Start the round on
needle 1, k3, M1R, sm, k1, sm, M1L, k19, M1R, sm, k1, sm, M1L, k3.
Needle 2, k3, M1R, sm, k1, sm, M1L, k19, M1R, sm, k1, sm, M1L, k3.

The pattern is the same on both needles because you’re dividing halfway along the sleeve…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I hate when patterns have you put a marker between needles. If you do it falls off at the end of round and if you don’t you can forget to do something that happens around the marker. I’m not a new knitter, but for some reason I got stuck. Thanks for the help!

I find that painful too. I use dpns a lot and have to move the marker and beginning of round and then hope I remember it!