Utopia Hat

Finished my brother’s Christmas present today. It is called the Utopia Hatand I used Cascade 220. I really love the pattern. Such an interesting twist on just straight cables and really easy.

Wow, that’s quite an interesting design and you did a great job on it. Very cool looking. :thumbsup:

That is really neat looking! Just beautiful, Kristin!

Beautiful job. I’m sure he’ll love it.

That’s beautiful! What a great cable pattern, looks very nice and very manly in that colour.

What a great looking hat. You did a nice job.

That looks amazing, love it! :yay:

It looks great. I love cables, and that colour is great. I’m sure he’ll love it.

I really like the pattern in it.Good Job!:woot:

:happydance: Great job!! I love the color

Looks great, love the color and the cables are so perfect.

Wow, that’s a beautiful hat! I love the alternating cables and ribs. Nice work!

Great looking hat!

I just finished knitting that hat too (mine’s brown)! I love the color!

Neat looking pattern. Great job. :slight_smile: