Ut oh...yarn sale!

I just got an email from JoAnn and they are having a big yarn sale. Extra 10% off if you buy 8 or more skeins. Don’t blame me if your stash grows. I’m just the humble purveyor of information here :slight_smile:

i got that email too!!! Right after my “your order has shipped” email from knitpicks!!!

oh no… thanks for sharing! :happydance:

Bwahahaha! I used my preferred customer coupon the day it came in the mail! Mmmm… pretty afghan book. :inlove:

ooooh thank you for this news!!! How long is the sale goin for?

I need exactly 8 skeins for a bobble sweater hoodie that I’m, planning on making.

You think they have wool ease thick n quick? :shock: :happydance: :XX:

I got a little excited until I saw it was Joann’s. My Joann’s has 4 skeins of hot pink cheapocrapo. Well, I’m exaggerating, but the yarn section takes up two sides of a small isle. If you need fabric, however. . . .

That’s a shame, Ingrid! The Joann’s over here just revamped the whole store and has about 4 isles of yarn and, still of course loads of fabric…

Ingrid: Order online!!!

OMG, Kemp, I really didn’t need to see that. :doh:

:roflhard: :roflhard: sadly mine is just as bad but i have a great LYS so i am okay :wink: :thumbsup:

oh I got that one as well!!
very tempting!

Yeah our joanns is very “sparse” too… it’s more of a fabric store… but they have some books…

Speaking of which, which Afghan book did you get… and let me know how you like it…


Back away from the yarn, nice and slow

i just got an e-mail too for 50% off any one regularly priced item on their website. and it said i can share it with 3 of my friends. i would bet that these aren’t just MY codes so prolly i could share it with even thre THOUSAND of my closest friends! :wink:

Nov550 Nov5501 Nov5502 and Nov5503

pick a code any code. offer ends 11/23. :thumbsup:

[color=darkblue]Bummer, none of them worked for me.
Oh well, that was sweet of you to offer the codes.

[color=darkblue]Bummer, none of them worked for me.
Oh well, that was sweet of you to offer the codes.

let’s try this…sorry! :wink:

[size=6][color=red]Nove550 Nove5501 Nove5502 and Nove5503[/color][/size]

the irony is that i kept going back and deleting out the E while i was typing! :doh:

[color=darkblue]Yeha, that did the trick. Thanks,

I ordered yesterday, got 10% off the whole order, since I ordered more than eight skeins, AND free shipping with a promotional code. Then today as a “thank you” I got the same codes as Brenda, for me (I already ordered what I NEED), and three friends.

So if you need to use a code you’ve got two sources now!

And Ingrid, try www.joann.com. I bought some Plymouth Encore, TLC Cotton Plus, Bernat Sox, and some acrylic baby yarn ( I think Simply Soft).

They have a LOT of different yarns and some that are only available online. My local stores often don’t have what I want either. If I can’t find what I want at Knitpicks, (usually because I need a washable blend) then Joann online is a good choice - especially if there is a coupon or other discount.

Happy Shopping :XX: :XX:


LOL, brendajos, I got the same email and my codes are the same as yours!!!