Using yarn from old sweaters

I have three sweaters, 2 wool, one cotton - commerical made. I haven’t worn them in years and the the cotton one is pulled out of shape it doesn’t look good anymore the wool sweaters are from the late 80’s early 90’s and are oversized.

I’ve been thinking about taking them apart and using the wool and cotton to knit something else. The wool is good quality as is the cotton and I hate to get rid of them considering how much yarn can cost.

Has anyone taken apart old sweaters and re-made them into something new? Any advice or tips for doing this? Or would it serve me better to just donate the sweaters? I’ve never done this before and don’t know what I would be getting myself into.


you should TOTALLY do it!!! Cut carefully along the seams, don’t cut the yarn or you’ll end up with a whole bunch of too-short strands!
Once you have them unravelled, wind the yarn into a skein, tie it loosely, soak the yarn, and then hang to dry. When you hang it up, put a can of soup or vegetables (or whatever) in the bottom loop, and this will help stretch out any kinks in the yarn.

I have ripped the yarn out but I haven’t knit it up yet.There used to be a site with lots of great info on it but I can’t find it now,but that’s where I first seen it.I used Gap sweaters as that was the ones recommended and they ripped out great, then you do the thing with the weights after you soak it.No wait I did knit up a tank top in some ribbon yarn that I ripped…it looked pretty good,so it would have cost me $4(bought at thrift store) plus my time of course but I don’t count that…all these yarny activities keep me out of trouble LOL.If you already have have the sweaters I’d say go for it you can always donate the other two if you don’t have fun.