Using worsted when pattern calls for DK

I recently bought the hat pattern Losanga by Woolly Wormhead, here is what it looks like for reference:
Losanga Hat

The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, but I have this hand dyed worsted that I want to use instead. I knit a swatch and got gauge, but the fabric was too thick and did not drape how I wanted it to (as would be expected with a heavier yarn weight).

So my only option now is to change the gauge, and I think if I knit the smallest size in a larger gauge it could work out. Has anyone done something similar with a hat or fitted garment? I would love to hear others’ opinions on this.

Last time I knitted a hat it was with double aran so a single worsted yarn sounds very thin to me :yum:. So I would go for the thicker fabric… and it will be softer after some wash and use.

That said, it might be fully possible to follow the instructions for a smaller version of this hat with bigger needles. For this I would create a new swatch to see how much it differs and with help of the ratio between this new and the old swatch I would see if I could find one ready size that would work out without any further modification. Otherwise you will have to use a bit more math to calculate the modifications you need to do.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll start on a new swatch and compare. I really want this yarn and pattern to work.

I might have seen your post too late for this to help you but here are 2 links I have used for many years to adjust patterns and yarns.
How to Knit a Hat by Megan Goodacre save it to your Ravelry Library
the pattern link is archived in the wayback machine
The Other One I use is not as customizable but still useful Super Simple Circular Hat Calculator
I hope this helps if not for this beautiful hat project maybe others.

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