Using waste yarn to try on wip

Hi everyone,

I’ve read some comments online where people say that they transfer their stitches to waste yarn and then try on what they’re knitting to see fit, etc. I’d like to do this but have no idea how it’s done!

I’m knitting a top down cardigan right now on circular needles.

Can anyone explain?

You thread a nice long piece of yarn, some cotton yarn is nice, but most any smooth yarn will do, though a blunt needle you use for seaming. Then use the needle to run the yarn through right where the circular needle is. You can hold the circular in your left hand an run the sewing needle into a few stitches at a time purl wise. Make sure you have a plenty long piece so that when you try the sweater on your stitches don’t fall off the ends.

Then when you are ready to knit again, feed the needle back in where the yarn is. You may like to use a smaller circular to feed though and then begin knitting off with your needle that gives gauge.

Get a looong piece of yarn, in a contrasting color. Thread it onto a tapestry needle and slid the stitches off your knitting needle onto the tapestry needle and the yarn. Make sure the yarn is way long enough so the stitches don’t fall off when you slip the sweater over your head. When you’re ready, just slid the stitches back onto the knitting needle.

I have a set of Denise interchangable needles and I have used the connectors to make one loong knitting needle and just left the stitches on that to try it on.

There’s a video on this site called Lifeline…it’s the same thing. Feeding a threaded yarn needle through the stitches.

Thanks for coming to the rescue gals! :muah:

I tried looking for a video but didn’t realize that’s what it’s called. Super easy! :woot: