Using up odds and ends in the stash

Found this great free pattern on Ravelry.

I had made several Entrelac scarves using various colors of Lion Brand’s Amazing, so I had one unopened skein and several small balls of leftovers, enough to make this great hat.

Amazing yarn is quite stretchy so I cast on 65 instead of 70 which worked well for me and my head. 70 would be getting into slouchy as I didn’t have enough yarn for that, I compromised. It still is plenty big. If you are a loose knitter you might be well to go to US 7 or even 6 as mine is just at the point of slightly snug without falling off.

The knitting forms a large parallelogram or an elongated diamond taking a nap. Cast on is the crocheted cast on as a provisional cast on. Like this as there are no bumps to pick up, it just behaves and neatly unzips when you need to get your live stitches.

It is reversible too. Took just two evenings to knit it up, (I had goofed and cast on 80 and could see that would be too huge.) If I had started early in the evening without mistakes, it could be knit up if you knit fast in one evening, leaving the Kitchener stitch for the next day.

Thanks for the pattern link. It’s a cool looking hat.

Ravelry link
I wanted to save it to Favorites and thought someone else might too.