Using the Wayback Machine, do you remember

The first yarn I ever USED was a simple white acrylic yarn in home ec class. The first yarn I ever BOUGHT was a rust-colored acrylic yarn from Woolworth in 1979.

I bought a few more skeins, and used them in my crochet projects. I put everything aside during my first marriage and childbirth years. My marriage failed and I was a single mom for many years.

Now that I’m married to the right one, I’ve been free to REALLY learn to knit. I started 3 years ago with a BRIGHT RED skein of Red Heart worsted. I made a scarf for my youngest son. Here’s a photo:

Used?..It was grey. Heather grey. I couldn’t tell you the brand, because it was a Mexican brand and I was nine years old. Although I kept crocheting for a while, it was always with bits and pieces leftover by my Grandmother. Didn’t actually have to buy yarn until I moved to the US.

Bought? …must’ve been in 2002. Red Heart, one red skein, one black skein. Made a scarf out of it that I still wear.

it was December 2004, a skein of Lion Homespun in the Nouveau colorway. I kept the scarf as a reminder of how much I hated it (oh yeah, and sucked) in the beginning.

I started knitting and then crocheting (after having all the stitches fall off my aluminum needles one time too many) after I quit smoking in 1985, and I just used whatever worsted weight acrylic I happened across in our town’s K-Mart, but in 1985 or 1986, I came across a crochet pattern in the Women’s World magazine that called for J&P Coats LusterSheen. That was my first ever real project that I could really wear (and I wore it out). I still love LusterSheen, it’s so silky and lightweight, perfect for summer tops.

I can still remember my first experience in a Ben Franklins (they seem to have all been taken over by Craftmarts here in the Phoenix area). In 1985, it was like walking into paradise! Shelves and shelves of yarn!!! And paint!!! and silk flowers and greenery!!! The memory still fills me with happy feelings.

I had expressed an interest in learning how to knit, and a friend called me up one Friday last winter to tell me she’d seen an ad in the local alternative paper. The fiber guild at the university was having a “Learn to Knit” get-together, they’d supply all the materials and instructions. Well, off I went…

I sucked, I was the worst knitter on the face of the planet. I worked at casting on for 30 minutes, and when I finally had 20 sts on the left needle, I tried to knit… did I mention I sucked? I got to the end of that first row of knitting, turned the work and promptly pulled 6 sts off the needle trying to knit the first one. A little tight?

The real knitters there were incredible patient, but I was cheerfully incompetent for 2 hours. They were afraid I’d get discouraged and never pick up the needles again, but I insisted that it was OK for me to be the worst knitter in the world for a couple hours, I’d figure it out.

Two days later I went to JoAnns and bought a skein of sage-green Red Heart and some plastic size 8 needles. I printed some instructions off of the web and spent the day doing garter stitch. About 3 days after that I found KH, and the rest is history!

I think it was pastel colored homespun - bleh! Not a good choice for a FIRST yarn! I tried to crochet with it first and that what a NIGHTMARE…okay, so actually the first thing I KNIT with was lion brand. I still have the swatch around in my room. Its so tiny.

Mine was TLC variegated pastel colors…and size 8 needles. I made a hat (I took a class at Hobby Lobby) :thumbsup:

I’ll take a picture someday…DH has a picture of me on his desktop wearing the hat the second I finished it :smiley:

Mine was TLC Heathers, in a lovely blue color. I used it to have my mom teach me how to knit and I’ve made a kennel blanket (donated to the local shelter) and a hat and scarf for my Mr. Flurry (ironically, for my mom) - I still have a little left! But I started knitting in Dec '05, so that isn’t surprising…I have a little bit left of EVERY yarn I’ve used!

Loving all these stories…

My Gramma taught me the bare bones basics when I was very young. I don’t remember anything about the needles or yarn then, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t make anything but swatches. (That I probably used as blankets for my Barbies and/or Trolls!)

The first yarn I remember buying myself was in college. I decided to make something for my then boyfriend. Don’t remember the brand, but it must have been Red Heart or something similar - golden color - and made a decent first attempt at a sweater with a fairly complex cable and bobble pattern on the front.