Using the Wayback Machine, do you remember

the first yarn you ever bought?

Reminisce away!

I started crocheting long before I knit so I don’t remember. I DO remember my first time in an LYS though! Woohoo! :shock: :inlove:

The woman who taught me to knit when I was a kid gave me a small ball of pink to bring home and some white plastic size 10 needles. I remember my first skein being acrylic, of course, in varying shades of green from dark all the way up to white. I thought it was wonderful!

That’s so easy!!! It was a skein of cream chenille by Lion Brand. :slight_smile: I also bought a small skein of Lion Brand’s cheapest white yarn to practice with. It was on sale & I think I paid 97 cents for it. Of course, it was only last February when I taught myself to knit so it’s easy to remember. :wink:

1 Skein of bright bright pink and 1 of black of red heart worsted acrylic. I still have them LOL. I never really made anything out of them, just swatches.

I took a class at a LYS in Needham, MA and I bought some grey wool and size 6 needles and the first project I made was a kid sweater. That was in 1990. I still have a little ball of it leftover. I keep it as a lucky charm :heart:

I bought a big ole skein of Red Heart and made myself knit the entire thing before I learned to purl. And the rest is history… :smiley:

:cheering: This made me go see when I joined KH and now I can say I’ve been knitting for a year :happydance:

Yeah we had to take my little girl to the ER and my nerves were shot so I went to the LYS asked for help bought a set of Clover 8s and some mint green wool Natures something :?? … went by the library and got a dvd… that night my daughter laid with her head on my lap as I tried to figure out how to knit to calm my mother nerves but got so annoyed I about threw them away lol later after Roo was in bed I googled and found KH and got it… then Brendajos was telling me how great this site was and the forum so I joined and she called me out and the rest is knitting history… :rofling:

lol yeah and she knits way better and faster than i do!

This is the first yarn i ever bought…it was some ridiculously expensive yarn that i fell in love with at the LYS where i learned…that yarn was $20+ a hank and i have never bought any that expensive since…sheesh

Some cheapie stuff from Michaels, which was white worsted weight with bits of silver in it. I still haven’t actually used it. Once I figured out the knitting part, I frogged it all and did something with some fun fluffy yarn for my sister.

My first skein of yarn was Carons Simply Soft in a blue color. That was when I learned how to crochet and I still havnt used all the yarn yet.

My first knitting skein was a creamy white and I tried knitting with it on size 6 needles about a year, year and a half ago. I still have that too.

:smiley: I remember it like it was yesterday :smiley: it was 2 years ago this month (I think). Lonnie and I were in Michael’s picking up a ‘learn to knit kit’ and I grabbed a skein of light mint green chenille yarn…I still have it…HATE IT :rofling: :roflhard:

[quote=“brendajos”]lol yeah and she knits way better and faster than i do!


:— :notworthy: :oops: :fingerwag: she lies… :rofling:

I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was about 7 or 8 and now I probably couldn’t remember much about crocheting but when I taught myself to knit it was with a pair of size 7 or 8 Boye straights and a skein of pink Red Heart that feels like sandpaper. That was about two and a half years ago. Rebecca I can’t believe I have been knitting longer than you. Your stuff looks amazing!!!

A very good friend taught me to crochet about 8 years ago. I really wanted a long, bright red scarf, so I bought some RedHeart and crotched away.

My second skein was some Homespun. Ick.

My parents bought me some ultra-pale yellow ack - I played with that for a while and still use it to hold needles. But my first purchase was [color=violet]light purple [/color]and [color=indigo]dark purple [/color]Rowan Magpie. Lovely yarn to knit with and it made a great Felted Marsupial Tote [size=1]that I still haven’t gotten around to lining and using in the 2+ years since I’ve finished it.[/size] :oops: I think I still have a skein or two around here somewhere…

Sky blue and white Dazzleaire that I bought at Federal’s department store in 1975. Soft and fluffy, a little mohair-ish, acrylic. Crocheted up into a scarf that looked like clouds chasing each other across a summer morning sky. Scarf still in use in my winter emergency kit in the trunk of my car.

Thanks for bringing back this memory!

My first skein of yarn was turqoise acrylic , probably Red Heart for a scarf I started in Home Ec class in junior high school. Didn’t finish the project because we weren’t shown how to fix dropped stitches and I got tired of ripping back to begin again. Hindsight tells me I simply should have asked the teacher to show me, but it seemed that only favorite students got that kind of help.

First purchase was Wendy/Peter Pan “Velvet Touch” yarn in Blueberry that I used to make a blanket for my chihuahua. That was January 2003.

mine was homespun. and then nmore homespun. then some homespun-esque red heart :expressionless: Once I finally realized it was the yarn that sucked and not me,(20 skeins of various colors later), I got some lamb’s pride worsted, and that’s when I finally had success. I still have the first “thing” I made… not really a square, not really a triangle…