Using suede slipper bottoms

Hi, I have ordered suede slipper bottoms for a pair of slipper socks, and I am ready to finish the foot, but the sock bottoms haven’t arrived yet. Is there any special toe decrease I should follow, or just every other row? Does anyone have any experience with these suede slipper bottoms? I would like some advice.
Thanks and stay well, S.

I used the suede slipper bottoms on a pair of slippers that I knit for my SIL. I usually make felted slippers, but my SIL is allergic to wool. I made the slippers in acrylic, and then added the slipper soles. I used the same yarn that i used on the slippers and a tapestry needle to sew on the bottoms. The hardest part, IMHO, was keeping the bottom of the slipper from wrinkling so that there wouldn’t be “lumps” on the bottom. I think it might have helped to pin them in place first. In the end, they turned out pretty well!