Using stitch markers


I’m brand new to knitting on dpns. the pattern i’m using says to mark for the start of the round. I don’t know what to do. can anyone help?

Stitch markers act as bookmarks to mark where you are in the round. They are usually a ring that fits on the needle. A piece of yarn tied in a loop works equally well.

Just tie a little loop of contrasting color yarn on the needle and when you get to it, slip it from one needle to the other. It tells you where the old round ends and the new one begins.


I always work one stitch on the first needle and then place the marker as Ingrid said. Then I remember that the stitch just before the marker is the first stitch of the new round. If you try to put it between needles it will, of course, fall off all the time.

I find it works best for me to put the marker after the last stitch and before the first one…I tried the other way and kept forgetting!