Using stitch holders

I am working on the Petal Bib from One Skein. I have never joined pieces of a project other than an i-cord to a bag. Lots of questions - sorry!

  1. Each petal is worked separately and placed on a stitch holder. Silly but, I assume I cut my working yarn and have a tail that I will weave in?
  2. Can I use DPNs for stitch holders?
  3. Is there a certain way - knitwise, purlwise, whatever - to put the section on the stitch holder?
  4. When it comes to joining, I will have 5 petals on 1 needle. Do I leave the working yarn attached to the 5th petal and begin the process of knitting them together there? - I can’t visualize to that point yet.
  5. Will I be dropped from this forum because of silly questions for what should be a quick and easy project?! :pray:

Thanks in advance for words of wisdom! :grphug:


1 and 2, yes. 3 - it would be purlwise; 4, I think so; 5 - of course not! If you don’t know something it’s not silly or dumb or anything to ask about it.