Using silver's sock tutorial

OK, I’ve got my stitches cast on, and, I figured out where to begin my first stitch. I’ve knitted one and a third rounds, so far, using bamboo needles, and big, fat, green yarn.

one sock on 4 dpns

Silver says: When knitting the first stitch on a needle, be sure to pull your stitch tight to minimize any gaps between the needles.
I’m trying to do that.

Moving to the next needle.
This is where I abandon the other needles, and let them just hang underneath, and concentrate only on the 2 dpns I’m using right now.

I find it easiest if the next needle’s tip rests on top of the last needle, then I bring my working needle up from under the last needle.
I’m just knitting. bring my working needle…well, that’s the one with the source yarn dangling from it…bring it up under the last needle…ok, I get it…not real different from knitting with 2 needles.
Will post more later, as I get along.:knitting:
I’m not knitting as fast as this gif is, but, that’s not real life anywayz.
She isn’t knitting sox,either…she’s knitting a happy face…

I didn’t realize that was a smiley face! lol

I never noticed it was a smiley face!

Good Luck on the sock tutorial. I’m going to start it soon

I think I may try Silver’s when I get brave enough to try mine too. Good luck with yours. I’ll be watching for updates with interest!


Oh yeah, it sure is! I LOVE the little gif on your post, “where’s the end of the yarn” ha ha ha!

I found a supposedly easy sock pattern, and here it is:
(still using silver’s for reference, if possible)
cast on 36 sts k1p1for 7 rows
k 35 rows in stockinette st
&& here’s what I don’t understand:
with B color, knit 18 stitches
break the b yarn
slip B stitches from your right needle back to the left needle, and return to the point where you stopped knitting with A. Continue by knitting all sts including the B ones you jsut made with A yarn. &&
THEN, with A work 35 rows, or until foot is desired length, on last row, place 2 markers, one at beg or round, and one18 sts later, then you have to pull the B yarn out, and…OH, I"m too tired to go on.
I don’t get the part between the && here.

That sounds like an afterthought heel. You are basically knitting a
length of waste yarn to “hold” your spot for the heel. After you finish the sock you will go back and remove the waste yarn and put the revealed “live” sts onto needles and knit your heel. A very useful heel when you are doing complicated color patterns! Here is a link
to a site showing step by step how to do it. Well the pattern starts at making the toe and working your way up but if you go towards the
middle of the pattern you will see the part about knitting in a piece of
waste yarn and then how to go back and create the heel!

Libbie :slight_smile:

that’s pretty neat. I’ll use that for reference. this book leaves out SOOO much.:tap:

I was knitting last night, and made what looks like a little bundt cake, then, added white, and now, it’s back to the tutorial:

More progress, using silver’s sock tutorial:

I added ANOTHER color!

sloppy, but, learning, still going forward:

Dividing my stitches, and getting ready to knit the heel flap, I hope this isnt’ backwards! Oh well, I’m learning the MECHANICS of sock knitting:

Oh look! Some Russian ladies have come to help me! Help, help, Russian ladies, I need your expertise! Please get that kid out of the yarn, though!!

Time for a snack! No lemons, please!

Thank You, Jesus!

Hmm…here’s the heel flap, looking pretty good, but, the edge over there has gaps in it. I think I know why.

Still learning, and quite the novice.

I’m betting those gaps will cause trouble for me, later on.

Fantastic! Using silver’s tutorial, and following the instructions word for word, I’ve made a little, tiny heel on my very first sock, EVER!


granted, this is a weird looking sock, altogether, probably fit for a goat, but, I’ve overcome the hurdle! Gotta go take a breather before I faint! this is too exciting!:thud:

Thanks for taking us along on your sock journey. I used Silver’s Sock Tutorial to make socks and now I have made so many I don’t have to look at the pattern anymore. I have a great granddaughter who is Autistic and she has very sensitive skin but she can wear the socks I knit for her because they do not have a seam to rub her feet. Thank You Silver!!!:clink:

iSN’T THAT MARVELOUS, THAT YOU CAN MAKE SOMETHING FOR YOUR GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER. I hear autism can be very difficult to deal with, and the autistic person will get upset over the most innocuous things.
Is communication difficult with your great granddaughter, or has everyone learned how best to approach her? Are autistic people generally afraid of anything new?

Next is the gusset. I think so. Looking at the pictures, it looks like I’m joining everything, and then knitting in circles.
Silver, what if I don’t know how to pick up stitches?:??
Any links to tutorials on that?

There is a tutorial on picking up stitches in the videos on this web-site. Meanwhile, I’m cheering you on…

I’m using Silvers Sock Class to. Have gotten halfway down the first one.
It’s going well. Just have to take your time when going onto the next step and like it says read all the text between the pictures!
Good luck everyone!

I am wholeheartedly enjoying your sock-making journey. (Especially the Russian ladies who came to help :woohoo: ) See? Sock making isn’t so bad, is it? We knew you could do it. :cheering:

Way to go with your sock! :cheering: Looks like you are
doing a great job…just watch out…once you learn how to
make socks it can become addictive! I knit socks inbetween
other projects just because it’s fun hehe!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Loved the photo story! Very inspirational! :yay:

I’m going to try Silver’s sock tutorial one of these days too, after I get more comfortable with my basic knitting skills. :knitting:

Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup: