Using rows of 2 yarns alternately

In the free patterns tab there is a pattern for a FIZZ Eyelash & Cotton Chenille scarf that gives the instructions: Knit all rows (garter stitch) using 2 rows of each yarn alternately. Carry the yarns up the side of scarf between pairs of rows. I have not knitted anything but a scarf before and have just picked up my knitting needles for the first time in 20 years. Do you begin casting off with one yarn and knit for two rows then add the second but leave the first one alone while you knitt the second one? Then leave the second one alone while you knit the first one for two rows again? Would that leave a sort of big loose stitch at the side kind of like a loop? And how do I add the second yarn since I can’t work it in with the first one?


Thank you :happydance:

To add the second yarn, I would tie a slip knot with the new yarn onto the old one, the slip knot later can be undone and woven into the corresponding color stripe.

And with carrying yarn up along the edge, what I do is when I get to where the color change is to happen I drop the old color and bring the new color under the old color and start knitting the next stripe. Doing this essentially twists the two yarns together and you shouldn’t get a hole or a big loose stitch there at the side, you will just have a neat little row of the two colors twisted together all up the entire edge.