Using more than one color


I am a new knitter and I would like to know how to do some of the patterns on the free patterns page - the scarves. The question is - how do you use more than one color? how do you start in with the new color?



Scroll down on this page to see how to attach a new color to your knitting. What kind of color work are you thinking of?

Hi Ingrid

I am wanting to do one of the scarves on the “free patterns” page on this site - the lime green one that has two types of yarn, but I did not know how to get that new yarn in. Perhaps I should start with simpler yarn going with two colors before trying the trickier yarn. I just wanted to start on some prettier things so I could give them as gifts for Christmas.

alc :??

this is the one that I want to do: it says a beginner can do it, but when I change colors/yarns on this one do I have to go through a long process?

Also, which color change is easiest from the ones listed on the page you mentioned earlier? I don’t know if felting would be best with the yarns in this pattern.

This is an easy one. You’ll just have to attach the yarn once then alternate between colors. Easy peasy! You’ll knit two rows with one color and then knit two rows with the other. For this you could just start knitting with the new color and then weave in the ends later.