Using Knitpro

I notice that the output always has a feathered/antialiased edge where there is a lighter color. This would create some depth, but what if you just want a simple, solid color? I tried as an exeriment creating two images of a flower, one with antialiasing and one without and it comes out the same either way. Any hints on using this?


No…LOL!! I use it, but it comes out the same way, if you are wanting to create depth, I would say use a lighter or darker shade in these areas that you are talking about…if I’m understanding you correctly :wink:

I had the same effect with a yin-yang pattern I used it for. I had to color in the lighter places to make the grid easier to follow.

Ahhh okay. Coloring in is the key then. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to do that. :lol: Thanks!

Okay, I was confused…I thought that u meant something else, that you were trying to achieve depth in a pattern :rollseyes: