Using Graph Paper

[b]I am working on this blessed drawstring bag for the umpteenth time … but THIS time I am using LIFELINES … :smiley: even though they are hard to knit with.

Pattern says to put in random purls “while knitting from one marker to the other randomly place one or two purl st. Be sure to keep at lesat 4 st between the purl sts. Continue in this manner to end of bag”.

When I did this the last time, the purls were so randomly placed that they looked awful … by using graph paper (I’m used to that stuff as I do cross stitch) could I chart where I want the purls to be placed so I don’t have say a cluster of three and then none for 10 st t hen another cluster? I’d like to have them in an order of sorts so they don’t look so odd since the thing IS for a gift … eventually …


Sure you can. Sounds like a good idea, in fact.

It probably doesn’t make much difference when you’re just placing random purls (though if you pre-plan them I guess they’re not so random), but knitter’s graph paper is proportioned differently from the cross-stitch grid. That’s because knit stitches are taller than they are wide.

You can download free knitter’s graph paper from several sites: is one.
There are several others that give you more choices of size and style,

Sure you could. I don’t even think you’d need knitter’s graph paper.

So would you just use any graph paper? Like if I wanted a purl every 20 st and on the next row a p every 10 would I just chart it out that way?