Using double pointed needles

I’m a fairly new knitter, but I was reading the Sockintine Sock Swap thread and suddenly decided that I MUST KNIT SOCKS.

I have one pair of Clover bamboo DPNs, size 8, that I bought at Michaels. I pulled these out to see if I could knit in the round with them, and lo and behold, I could! No ladders, and once I got past the first few rounds, it was easy. (I am also a passable knitter with Magic Loop, which is why I wasn’t sure if I could use DPNs.)

Anyway, I have a suspicion that I’m doing something wrong. Is the knitting supposed to be growing towards me, or away from me? As in, the tube will touch my stomach if it grows much longer, or, the tube will touch my knees soon? My knitting is coming out towards me. The stitches look like they’re supposed to, I think, but I wanted to check before I actually tried to knit a sock and it turned out as a mess of yarn that hardly resembled a sock.

And while I’m on the subject, does anyone have a preference for DPNs? Metal, bamboo? Something else? I like the bamboo ones I’m knitting with, but they’re not very sharp, which is somewhat of a disadvantage for me. Michaels and Joann of course have very small supplies of double pointed needles, so I’m limited to buying online. I think I’ll mainly be using DPNs for socks, and ML with my KP Options for hats and larger things (because a lot of sock patterns are already written for DPN, and I’m not advanced enough to translate them into ML), which means I’ll need small DPN sizes. Suggestions? Opinions?

Phew! If you can actually find what I’m trying to ask amidst all that stuff, I applaud you. :thud:

Lots of people use Magic Loop for socks too. Is there a reason why you don’t want to use that given that you already know the method? Personally, I like to use 2 circs. The sock is usually going downwards rather than towards me. The only really tricky part of a sock is doing the heel for the first time.

Yeah, I know they do. I’m teetering between DPNs and Magic Loop still.

I think one of the big factors is that most patterns are written for double pointed needles, and it’s easiest for me to just follow those patterns. Of course, if I knew how to make socks with ML, I could probably convert them easily, but I don’t know how to make socks yet one way or another.

Plus, it’s always fun to have lots and lots of needles, just in case. :teehee:

There are a lot of people wanting to try socks!!!

I personally use DPNs for socks - I’ve never tried any other method but I want to.

I prefer metal DPNs but that is because I’m a tight knitter and I find the stitches moves smoother on the metal needles than they do on the bamboo needles.

The size of needle you’ll need will depend on the size of yarn you are going to be using - so it is safest that you just buy all sizes of DPNs when you have the chance! :wink:

It is great that you practiced with the DPNs and didn’t do bad with them - to prevent the latters just give the first stitch on the needle a good tug and that should help. Ladders also come out in the wash!

Good luck!!!

I’m not sure how to answer this as when I knit in the round everything goes toward my stomach first, then heads for the knees!

Is the needle with the yarn coming out of the skein at the top, the closest to you, or is it below on the other side of the other needles? If it’s the latter, you may be knitting inside out, which is easy to fix - flip your work inside out.


Thanks for the replies! I’m hoping to check the local chain stores one more time, then buy some needles online. Can’t wait to start the socks! (I also ordered Sensational Knitted Socks, and that should be arriving here soon.)

I think I’ve been doing it the right way - the stockinette looking stitches are on the outside, at least, and it came out towards my stomach (I’m assuming it would reach my knees if I knitted long enough, but my samples were short), and it did the same thing when I tried both DPNs and Magic Loop.