Using different yarn weight than pattern requires

I want to try some of the tiny sweater ornaments in the Autumn KAL but I don’t want to go out and by more yarn when I have several skeins of different weight yarns. Since no one is going to wear them i’m not sure if I have to change needles or just follow the patterns. The patterns are here: I have sock yarns(7sts per ince on size 1 or 2 needles), Softwist(5 sts per inch on size 8 needles), Cotton twist(4.75sts per inch on size 8 needles) and one that is 5 sts per inch on size 10 needles. And the pattern states that there is no gauge for these ornaments. I appreciate any answers. Thanks.

Sure, go ahead and try it out, using the needles that work for the yarn. They may turn out larger or smaller than the originals, but that makes them unique.

I agree. It really won’t make a difference since it’s not a garment for wearing. :thumbsup: