Using different yarn from pattern

Hi - I am fairly new to knitting, but thought I’d try to make a sweater.

For my size, it says I would need 9 x 100g hanks of Ushya yarn, but I want to use a different super-chunky yarn, such as Lion Brand Hometown USA. Balls of this are 74m and 142g, whereas Ushya is 105m and 100g.

Is it most important to have the right length of yarn? So if 9 balls of ushya are 9 x 105m, does that mean I need 945m length of any other wool, even if it’s much heavier?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to KH. You really should stick with the same weight of yarn unless you want to have to alter the pattern. It can be done but for a newer knitting it might not be a great idea. Maybe you can find a pattern you like for the weight of yarn you want to use.

Hi and welcome!
Actually, I’m seeing Ushya listed as 8-10sts/inches and Hometown as 9sts/4inches so they look pretty close in gauge. Both are considered super bulky. You could try the Hometown and see what gauge you get with your needles and see how close you come to the pattern gauge. The Ushya is a chainette which may account for the lighter weight per length.
As for length, the Ushya is 105m/ hank and the Hometown is 74m/skein so about 13 skeins of the Homwtown should do it. Maybe make it 14 skeins just to be sure you have enough.


Going by[I] even if it’s much heavier?[/I] I thought the OP was wanting to go up to a thicker yarn weight.

I think just up to Lion brand Hometown which is heavier in weight per meter but knits at about the same gauge. The Ushya chainette may account for the difference in grams although the gauge is similar to Hometown.

Thank you GrumpyGramma and salmonmac. Yes, I did mean that the Hometown is heavier per metre than the Ushya, but that they are both super chunky. Sorry for the confusion! The calculation I made came to about 13 or 14 balls, so I’m reassured that salmonmac came to the same conclusion. It’s a lot to buy (even though Hometown is cheaper than Ushya), so I just need to get the confidence to go for it!