Using different yarn as specified in pattern

I’m new to crocheting and have found an easy bag pattern that I’d like to try. The recommended yarn is 4ply mercerised cotton can I use 4 ply wool instead.

As far as weight goes, yes.

You need to check the gauge so that you get the intended size of bag.

You need to be more concerend about the qualities that cotton offers versus wool. Cotton won’t stretch (inelastic plant fiber), which is desirable in a bag that is intended to hold heavier things. And, you can wash cotton more easily. If you wash you wool bag it will felt. So, is this bag something that will be getting dirty (like a market bag) or something that will stay fairly clean ( like a yarn/project bag in your house)?

Thanks RochesterKnitter, I hadn’t thought about the stretchiness of the yarn. The end result has to be ‘felted’ anyway so that wouldn’t be an issue.

Ahh, well if you intend to felt the bag, then yes you would need to use wool. And, once it is felted it won’t be stretchy anyway so the size/shape should remain as felted.

The original wasn’t felted if it’s made of cotton, so you’d need to make it quite a lot larger to account for the shrinkage. And if the cotton bag has shells or other decorative sts, that’s not going to show up when you felt it.

Now I’m really confused. Under material the pattern states

Big Wool 100% Merino wool in the following shades

Yarn A, Black x 4 Rowan Siena 4 ply mercerised cotton

then it list the other colours.

Instructions start with the Yarn A for the front and back panels.

On the making up

After sewing together, a line of running stitches across the top to hold in place,. Using spiky Velcro fluff up the outer surface. Put the bag in washing machine at 40 with jeans or heavy fabric to help with felting.

Do you have a link to the pattern or a picture of it? That is odd to mix wool and cotton, though I think I’ve heard of felted items that are a mix of wool and a non-feltable yarn. The wool shrinks up, obviously, while the other doesn’t and makes ‘poufs’.

The pattern is in ‘Simply Homemade’ issue 4 magazine. Unfortunately I can’t find it on their website but will keep looking