Using Denises with specific yarns, needles sizes

Dear Ones,

I have up until now been singing the praises of my Denise needle set.

Until last night.

I went to my LYS and bought some lovely mercerized cotton for the Monica sweater from Knitty.

The pattern is written for straights but it is basically a tube so I am modifying it for circs.

Oh, how frustrating when I started out knitting after having cast on my 146 stitches! The cotton kept getting stuck in the joint of the cable where it joins the little plastic piece that you insert into the needle.

Then the needle would come off and I lost my stitches!

After 3 tries (and my cast on getter looser and looser) I gave up and found an old circ of about the right size and am trying again.

I had no such problems working with the larger needle size and wool instead of cotton yarn.

I didn’t have any problem with the wool catching when I linked 2 cables together to make a longer one.

But working with the cotton was IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I appropriately voiced my opinion in the folder about needle sets.

But I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.

Susan (who is hoping that this here cotton thing is just a fluke cause I have several projects waiting to be started that require circs)

Personally, I’ve just had issues working with cotton and linens, regardless of what needles I use.

But I do know that I can’t use Denise’s for certain projects - like anything involving picking up stitches. I’ve broken two cables trying to pick up stitches. When I need to do that, I just use my Addis.

So I guess that’s the biggest thing I’ve found about interchangeables in general - I can’t totally replace my standard circs with interchangeables, b/c I always seem to need those :!!!: Addis for something! :teehee:

Good luck!

Obviously the knitting gods love me… (in ths endevor anyway, ) I can use my Denise’s with cotton… and do increases… Just did a blanket/towel out of cotton for grandchild. I continued to add/then decrease from begining to the end. They slid perfectly on, and no catching… I wonder if it depends on the type of cotton?

I’ve been cranking out stupid wash cloths in cotton using Denises (size #7) with no serious problems. Of course, at their widest, these wash cloths are only 44 stitches, so that would make a big difference. Is there any possibility that you have a defective tip or cable?

Sorry you’re having problems. I’m really enjoying using the Denises for my small cotton projects.


I’ve actually never had that specific problem using cotton on my Denises. In fact, mine have never come loose at the joins. Perhaps you got a bad set? I’ve heard that there was a batch of Denises that were manufactured and shipped out that had faulty joins and they were replacing them at no charge. :shrug:

Hmmm, I wonder if a call to customer service may be in order?

Thanks for all the responses :muah:


I’ve had similar problems, but I attribute them to the fact that I tend to cast on and knit a little tightly. For that reason, I’ve justified buying KPO.

That’s true, tension changes from needle to needle and yarn to yarn. You might have an average or loose tension in wool, but find you knit tighter in cotton. So you might just be having a tension issue.

I have noticed my Denises’ cables do drop off the sz 15 needles I use sometimes… I wondered why that happens… I may have to investigate further~! :??