Using Crystal Palace "Icelandic" for Booga Bag?

I have a obsessive need to acquire yarn for a felting project. :shock:
I haven’t felted yet, but I want to do a bag. I see my local Ben Franklin has some Crystal Palace Icelandic in yummy sherbet colors… I know that if I check the guage for the pattern :study: against the yarn that will answer my question. But… is felting a forgiving enough procedure you can wing it? :figureditout:

YES! Do it! Just check the process frequently; most booboos can be somewhat fixed with blocking

:wink: Thanks a heap Hildie! :notworthy:
I am scouring around for a rectangular-ish paperbag shaped tote pattern. Maybe even something purse sized… I’m a purse freak and it would be a nifty conversation piece if I made my own…
Bonus! I finally found my Ben Franklin coupon for ten bucks off so off to the store I go - hi ho hi ho hi ho!!
:shifty: Ssshhh, don’t tell dh!!!
Justification: The coupon expires Sunday, I will be out of town, and he bought a boat!
LOL, Hey, now THERE’S a thread idea…!
Thanks again!!

you could just design your own. It could be booga-inspired.

actually there is a pink and green purse in one of the SnB’s that might work for an “inspiration” for your papersack bag. I am sorry i can’t remember which one but i think it is nation. It is definitely rectangular in the book but you could just take the instructions and make them fit to the picture in your mind. I believe it uses Plastic canvas at the bottom of the bag to make it “sturdy” but you could play with that too…

and when you are done with it, you can post it for all of us and give it a really cool name!

and there’s a REALLY cool lunch sack in “knit one felt too” It’s lime green with pink accents and the top folds down like a paper lunch bag; it even has a knitted loop and button closure!

ooooooooooh lime green makes me happy!

Isn’t that always the way? The pictures in my head never match the things I am looking for! I am going to try and attach a phone camera pic of my purchase. DH seems to have absconded with the digital camera…I s’pose to document himself testing out his new boat(“the other woman”). God help him if he drops it in the water…the camera that is!!! :shock:
Thanks for the tips gals! I have both SnB books so I’ll rebrowse them to compile a project. As I always say, my head seems to be further ahead than my hands’ abilities can go…
“patience my young knitawan… knit practice you should” :roflhard:

Anyhoo, these fine specimens are lovely shades of light purple, lime green, salmon and hotpink. For the last year I have been sooo drawn to lime greens and purple/plums - they make me happy too :inlove:

ooooooooooh looooook at that color! yum!