Using Continental Combined

I’ve been studying various videos on using the Continental Combined since I knit Continental (w straight needles) and as the knit stitch is done by putting the right hand needle through the back of the knit stitch, does anyone know how you would do a regular (per pattern) KTB. With both done through the back of the loop there wouldn’t be a difference in the look for the pattern. Would knitting through the front (KTF) be comparable since both are done opposite each other? Hope that wasn’t too confusing! Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s how I knit, and that’s how it works for me, so try it. You also have to remember to reverse left- and right-leaning decreases.

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Thanks! I haven’t used a pattern yet that asks for left and right leaning decreases but I’ve seen a picture. I’ll have to look up doing them. It helps a lot hearing answers like yours :slight_smile: Knitting the combined way looks like it may be easier on my wrists.