Using circulars for the frontband

Hi all,
This probably sound a silly question. But in the pattern I’m working on it says to use a 29 inch size 6 circular needle and pick up sts along the front for the front band then k1 p1 rib. doesn’t this mean I need 2 X 29 inch size 6 circular needles? It only says i need one pair in the materials list, but this can’t be surely?
Can anyone just confirm to me that I’m right or wrong?
Also is a 29 inch circular going to be long enough to go along an entire front band of a cardigan for a medium ( size 40-42 ) man?
Any help would be much appreciated!

Yes, one pair should suffice. You’re working flat (not in the round). Does it hint at number of sts to be picked up? An afghan can be made on 29" so should be sufficient for front bands of cardi. Sts might be bit snug so you could opt for longer if you have it avail.


So if one pair is enough then how do i knit off the circulars? I can’t use standard needles cos surely the sts wont fit onto it. I really am confused. It says here to pick up and knit 309 sts all round, from the lower left front edge to the neck shaping, and all around the neck shaping and back of neck to the right neck shaping then lower right edge. So I’ve got these 309 sts on my circular needles… now what. what do i use to knit these sts off them? I thought that I would need another pair…? Can someone explain please?
Thanks cam for your reply

You use the circs like two straight ndls. Pick up and knit, reverse the ndls in your hands…like you would with straights…and then work back. The circs are both your ndls…it’s just that you have the cable in between to allow you to work that many sts.

(As visual, pretend you have two straights, connected by string.)


ooohhh:wall::wall: stupid me…
Thanks you ever so much for making that so clear!
So the 29 inch would be enough to do that with?
Ok… off i go to pick up 309 sts! :woohoo:

If you’re using weight of yarn sugg, have to assume designer was able to put 309 sts on 29". Thinking pattern would call for longer if needed. But being you’re not working in round, you can certainly opt for longer. (29" is fairly generic sz.) I like 36" as they’re really handy for larger pieces.