Using circular pattern on regular needles

I’ve found this pattern
and I like it very much.

But since I’m a beginner I wouldn’t dare try to knit socks yet, so I decided to do a small sample on regular needles.

I know circular pattern reads right to left. And if you do regular needles and a stockinette stitch then you alternate the rows of purls and knits.

Would it work if I read odd rows left to right and opposite (p to k and k to p)?

For example if a row reads k3 p3 yo k2tog p3, should I read it as
k3 p2tog yo k3 p3.

It’s the odd rows you read right to left and the even rows left to right. But otherwise, yeah.

Thank you very much. I think I got addicted to knitting :smiley:

Welcome to the club!!!