Using circular needles

I’ve never used circular needles before and I’m trying to add a sleeve on a baby cardigan. I’ve tried you tube but I’m getting in a right pickle. The “circle” is just soooooo tight ???

You may be using a circular needle that’s has too long a cable and needles that are too long as well. There are short circulars but a sleeve on a baby cardigan may still have too few sts.

There are other ways to work small diameter knitting: magic loop, double points, 2 circulars.
These techniques are shown under Free Videos at the top of the page. See small diameter circular knitting here:

Good for you for trying something new. The videos salmonmac mentions are great for figuring out the different ways to work in the round. Whenever I learn something new I hit a few snags and roadblocks. You’ll figure out what works for you.

Thank you. I’ve just bought the 1st set I saw. I didn’t realise they came in different sizes!!:grin::grin:
I have put the project to one side for a couple of days. But it wont beat me !! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


That’s why I like to use interchangeable circular needles!! They have all different lengths of cables and different sizes of needle tips. So I can change to whatever size/length I need!


As I’m a beginner. I dont want to spend too much. what would be the best ones to buy?

It’s hard to tell. “Best” is different for each knitter. I started out with one set but after awhile, I discovered things I didn’t like about it. That depends on each person’s personal preferences.


You might try a single fixed needle to start. The smallest ones I’ve seen are 9" with short needles. Not everyone likes working with the short needles but you may need to depending on the size of the sleeve.
Do you have a second needle in the same needle size as the one you’re using now? If so you could see if knitting the sleeve with 2 circulars works for you.