Using circular needles question

I am just beginning to knit again & have had only a little experience before. SO BASIC A QUESTION! This is my first time using a circular needles. I am knitting a purse that will be felted. The pattern says to pick up stiches around the edge to start the circular kniting, I know how to pick up but I don’t know if I am supposed to cut the yarn and start with a new piece or what. It seems that I have to start the pick up stiches at the back end of the needle so my needles will be both pointing in the same direction when i begin knitting around. The yarn is ofcourse at the top of the needle. Do I cut that end and knit it in and start at the other end knitting into that the edge and around with a new piece of yarn? I can’t see any other way to do it, but am afraid to do it with out confirmation - there is so much to learn! thank you for your help

Hi! When you have to pick-up those stitchen, are you then working on the bottom of the purse? Mayby you can explain it once more?
Thanks! Wies

Yes it is the bottom. Dir: cast on 30 stiches, knit 4 rows, then pick up stiches around the edge to equal 76 stiches - eight each on the short edges of the rectangle, then the 30 again. and knit around

You don’t need to cut the yarn.

Hold the bottom piece so that the stitches on the needle are in your right hand, the opposite side (the cast on edge) is in your left hand. The yarn should be coming out at the top right side. The first side where you pick up stitches will be across the top - just continue across tht top, down the cast on side and then acrosss the bottom.

Your yarn is right back to where the live stitches were on the needle in the first place. So you just start knitting around and around now.

Picking up those stitches around can be a bit awkward. It may help to use an crochet hook or maybe a spare dble pts needle.

So appreciated! I will give that a try. It is hard for me to visualize it. I can’t wait to get home from work tonite to try it!

Thanks for reminding me.