Using cables as a border/frame?

I found THIS PATTERN using cables in a way I have never seen before. I might go ahead and buy this pattern when I can afford it, but I am sure that there must be other patterns that use cables as a sort of border, so there might be something similar on Ravelry I could try in the mean time.

I have always enjoyed the look of cables, but I have never seen them used to make a border rather than throughout or in the middle of the project.

I have never seen cables done like this before, but maybe you have?

i wonder about this: ? or the band on this hat, even: ?

on ravelry, i went to patterns, chose photo/knitting/free, and then under ‘attributes’ clicked cables, and a whole bunch come up…

Those are not quite right. In the pattern I liked the first and last stitches of every row are big cables, there is no border or space it simply starts as a cable. The cable is not straight, it is curved the wa the cables are in the patterns you shared, so it wouldn’t have a completely straight edge.

That is why I am having trouble finding other patterns, I am not quite sure how to describe it, if it is a specific technique, etc.

It’s easy enough to find patterns with cables, but it is the cables being done in this specific way that appeals to me. Even if I were to buy this pattern, I would still like to find others so that I could make other things with the cables used in this specific way.

I wonder if they just increased between the cables. Otherwise it would involve a technique akin to traveling cables. If you search for them you might find something. My hunt didn’t but you might have better luck. There was a thread some time back discussing traveling cables. If I knew how to find it I’d see if there’s something helpful there.

ETA Because it might interest you with the cables at the edge of the pattern: Hot Mess Headband has only one cross but I think all stitches are involved.

Lovely scarf and wonderful use of cables. You can also curve the cables as in the pattern that you posted by doing short rows. That technique is used in this jacket (also not a free pattern) and it works beautifully to gently curve the cable bands.