Using Ball Winder to Wind Balls from Pull Skeins

[color=blueviolet]How do I wind balls from pull skeins? I know how to use the winder but do I hold the skein with one hand and turn the crank with the other? If I do that how do I hold the strand to guide it thru the curly-doo/curly-do/curly widget, or whatever you all decided the technical term is?


well i sort of just hold it at the top of the skein where it is coming out of the ball and “guide” it that way, though i don’t do much guiding to it at all. i have a two cup measuring cup that happened to be sitting on the table next to the winder the first time i did this. i had been using it to block a hat and thought :thinking: “bet this would work” and turned it over and plopped the yarn down in it. fit perfectly :wink: so that is what i use to really hold it until it gets too small.

oooh one thing i have noticed is that often the ones i wind from skeins is that they tend to wind up way loser than stuff off of hanks unless i do hold the skein semi firmly!

[color=blueviolet]Thanks Brenda! I’m gonna try it now. I’m so excited.[/color]