Using addi natura needles....question

I am using size 4 addi natura needles, and it’s about time for me to change needles. Now that is my ONLY addi. I normally use Denise, but they didn’t have a size 4. Ineed to change to my size 7 for the body of my project…what is the best way to do that?


Just knit the next row onto the new needles … so you would have the old needle in the left hand and the new size needle in your right hand :thumbsup:

ETA - it doesn’t matter that they are different types just as long as they are the correct size for your gauge.

Ok thanks! YAY!

Wait…I’m working in the round…can I still do that?

Absolutley, holding the 7s in your right hand and the 4s in your left and knit on to the 7s and you’ll clear off the 4s and all your knitting will end up on the 7s.

Phew…ok thanks! lol