Using a Marker

I’m making a baby blanket and it calls for me to “place marker”. I went to the craft store to buy markers, and blindly stared at the wall not knowing which to buy or how to use them.

Here’s what the pattern says:
Work 5 sts in Seed st, place marker, k77 sts, place marker, work 5 sts in Seed st.

Could someone help with this? I’m very new to knitting.


A marker is just a ring, plain or fancy, that fits around the needle between sets of stitches. You can just use a different colored loop of yarn tied on your needle if you want. You just slip it from one needle to the other as you come to it, and it just serves as a reminder that you need to change from the seed stitch to the pattern stitch in this case.

Sometimes a marker is a place you increase, or a change in a pattern, or a ‘bookmark’ to separate sections of pattern.

Thank you so much. Makes perfect sense!

This website is really a great resource.