Using a different yarn then the pattern requires?

Hi everyone! I have a question about substituting yarn and converting a pattern to your own gauge. I have been looking through past messages about gauging but have not seen this one yet.

I want to make a bolero. I like this one…

It calls for
GAUGE: 15 sts = 4"; 20 rows = 4" in St st

I would like to use a suede yarn that I have acquired a few balls of. My gauge is more like 11 or 12 sts = 4’; 18 or19 rows=4’ in St st

I might be able to go down one size needle, but I don’t want to get much smaller as the suede is kind of bulky and starts to loose it’s snuggle-ability when the stitches are to tight.

Can this type of conversion be done, …or should I just try and make a shrug?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Making a size larger than you would normally wear would likely work; then you won’t have to worry about doing all the math to convert your gauge to the pattern.

If you are brave and like a bit of math, you could try this:

I have done it, and really it’s not that bad. Definitely possible if you’re into a bit of conversion.


wouldn’t you have to knit a smaller size that what you normally wear?

I thought about making it a smaller size. I was not real confident in what size to pick. I am a large and don’t want to go to small.

I am not afraid of math, so I think I might try that technique. I would love to even go up a needle size for a looser stitch, so I might find a gauge I like and then figure it out.

I tend to have these ideal visions of what I want, and if I try and compromise my vision for the sake of ease I get disappointed and will never wear it.

Thanks for the help everyone! I will let you know how it turns out.