Using a chart

I’m currently crocheting a block that’s going to eventually become a blanket when they all get sewn together…

It’s currently coming together, but seems to be stretching out, elongating the face, in the process…why is it doing this? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Here is the chart. I’m doing it in sc.

HELP!!! :shrug:

In the chart, each block is wider than it is tall, but single crochet is just about the same width and height per stitch. So you need to find some stitch that works up to be the same proportion as the blocks in the chart.

Perhaps you could turn the chart 90 degrees and try working half double crochets and see if you get the right proportion.

Interesting project. I’ll be very interested to see what others suggest and how it turns out.


Yep, what MGM said is right the chart looks like it was designed for knitting in stockinette stitch. That has a lower height to width than does crochet. You might try a lighter weight yarn with a smaller hook combined with two SC stitches per block on the chart.

Another option would be to run the image through a chart maker web site. I know I’ve seen some listed here in the forum but I didn’t book mark them or the threads in which they were mentioned. :shrug:

Thank you both so much! I’ll have to try that. I found a pattern generator, and the image is now made of squares instead of rectangles…I’l’ have to give it a go soon!