Using a cable needle

hi all! I was just trying this pattern which requires to take few stitches to be taken in cable needle and continue with the regular needle. Then again we come back to cable needle and follow the same scrutesm. I think its called something like crossover or something ( i simply forgot the name! ) anyways my doubt is when i take those few stitches on cable needle do i need to take them in order they come out or first take them out in the order they come and then reverse their order since that is the technically correct sequence… I hope you understand! Thanks!

The first stitch placed on the cable needle will be the first one knit.

The name varies, but essentially you’ll be making a cable. You knit the stitches on the main needles first then knit them off the cable needle in the order they appear. You can either knit them right off the cable needle or put them back on the left needle. Which ever works best for you.

maybe this will help, it’s a demo of a cable pattern. just to give you the idea.

Thank you guys…