Using a 1940 knitting pattern and came across KH - not sure what it means

Im knitting a bed jacket for my mother from a 1940 pattern. As I’m decreasing the back towards the neck…first size instructs to cast off when reaching 40 stitches…second size has me a little stymied… (2nd size - kh- sts.) can anyone help translate for me. Thanks so much :knitting:

Can you quote the entire line including all sizes or post a link to the pattern?

It would help if we could see the whole line - it may be a typo.

Dec. 1 st each end of needle on next 3 rows. Purl 1 row. Repeat last 4 rows to 40 sts on needle (2nd size-kh- sts.) ending with purl row. Cast off. Hopefully that provides more information. Unfortunately the pattern is on my e-reader so I can’t link to it.

Thanks to all.


I suppose you’re doing the second size… I think it was just supposed to give you the stitch number you end up with. What’s the next part say?

It should be a number. I wonder if in scanning it or translating it into the e-reader that number was lost or mis-read. Are you making the second size? If so see if you can figure out how many sts should be there from the directions for the neckband.

There is no more for the back, supposed to cast off and then begin the front. I’m inclined to agree with Salmonmac…I think pulling it into the Kindle may have corrupted part of it. Ill shoot ahead to the neckband and figure out the stiches that way.

I appreciate the help and I’m delighted to have found this site. I love to knit and it’s nice to be in touch with other knitters…:clink:

Well, it’s hindsight now. But you might want to download this in another format in the future if you continue to have problems like this. Maybe download the pdf file instead of the epub.